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The people behind the pixels

We are a community of creative renegades, cheerfully critical and unapologetically playful. Proficient in navigating rabbit trails, aficionados of a thousand esoteric subjects, and well-versed in the legends of Georgia Avenue — just ask us about the alligators.

Image of Anne Plating

Anne Plating

Image of C. Eliott Johnston

C. Eliott Johnston

Image of Daniel De Guzman

Daniel De Guzman

Image of Dustin Smoote

Dustin Smoote

Image of Emily Highsmith

Emily Highsmith

Image of Joseph Venable

Joseph Venable

Image of Mario Perez

Mario Perez

Image of Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

Image of Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson

Image of Patrick Burton

Patrick Burton

Image of Ron Ott

Ron Ott

Image of Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Choose to serve.

Our commitment is unwavering: to treat every individual — be they colleagues, clients, partners, or others — with empathy, dignity, and respect. Delving into a diverse range of perspectives is not just a practice — it's a conscious effort. We prioritize placing others before ourselves, dedicated to uplifting, assisting, and serving those around us.

Triptych art project conducted by Barb Johnson

Live with purpose.

For us, living with purpose means rejecting a wanton consumerist narrative by embracing the intent to be transformative. We align our policies and processes to prioritize people over metrics. We endeavor to anchor every action in principles that foster human flourishing, prioritizing well-being over material gain.

Game time on another Triptych retreat

Enrich without reservation.

We strive to redeem the world through purposeful, meaningful work, actively pursuing projects that bring us closer together and make the world a better place than when we found it. We aim to restore and renew with collaborative, creative efforts that promote growth and progress in all that we do.

Creative retreat in Boone NC

We also know how to get down

Beyond the desk, we are a team of artists and hobbyists. We bond over everything from triple-A games to our favorite books. Whether exploring the streets of Chattanooga or venturing further afield, we weave memories together. Be it tubing adventures, upgrading mechanical keyboards, or the leisurely enjoyment of estate pipes, we chase our passions both individually and collectively. Our diverse lives outside enrich our work within. Balance refreshes perspective and strengthens bonds. By letting loose, we ignite inspiration.