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2 Great Ways To Create Authority

There are countless ways to establish this, but for the sake of simplicity and execution, I discuss only two. The two I would suggest is through writing or podcasting. Getting started with these things is easier than you think.


Here is a great breakdown of “How to start a podcast”. The steps they walkthrough are:

  • Choosing a topic & name
  • Show and episode format
  • Cover art creation
  • Intro & outro music
  • Equipment selection
  • Audio recording & editing
  • Submission to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
  • Promotion tips

It can seem cumbersome, but chances are, you have some extra time on your hands right now. You will learn a lot in the process. The most important thing to keep in mind when starting a podcast is patience. You won’t be an overnight success with thousands of followers. Keep doing what you're doing and good things will follow.


The biggest key here is to just write. Most great authors will tell you the only way to get better is to just put pen to paper (or fingers to keys). Write about what, though? Chances are you have been working on for most of your life. Whether you realize it or not, you have something to offer. The key is, articulating it in a meaningful way. There are many aspects of what you do that you likely take for granted but are incredibly helpful to others. The best way to identify these things is to start describing the things that you do, then ask yourself why (like a 5-year-old) until you have reached a point of understanding for everyone.

Once you have a good grasp on what you want to say, edit it down and then post it. Here is a good description of How to start writing on Medium. There are many other places to post your content, but that is a great place to start.

Other Actions You Can Take

As I mentioned above there are countless other ways that you can establish authority. Figure out what might be best for you and go for it.

A Webinar hosted by Rough Draft during Covid-19 for their design community

A good friend of mine in the Commercial Real Estate Industry sent out an email titled “Guidelines for Tenants on Rent Relief due to Coronavirus” at the beginning of the Covid-19 shut-down. It contained a PDF with 10 clear and concise instructions that were incredibly insightful to businesses paying rent (pretty much all businesses). As a direct result of this email, he was asked to take part in a panel-led discussion with the local business chamber as well as multiple conversations with current and potential clients. For him, It was something small, but for his target audience, it was invaluable authoritative information.

If you’d like to discuss other digital initiatives you can take, we are happy to chat. During an unprecedented time like this, we need to stick together, collaborate, and be generous. Strategizing digital initiatives is one way we can do this. Let us know how we can help.