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Prospectus: Outdoor Industry

We conducted interviews with multiple businesses in the Outdoor Industry for our latest Prospectus. The industry is thriving and has been more so than ever since the pandemic. The question is, will this trend in popularity continue? See what businesses we interviewed have to say…

The Lineup


  • Growth in the outdoor industry during Covid-19, especially those that connect people more authentically to the outdoors, has remained steady even as the pandemic wanes.
  • Connecting with users through social media or digital campaigns comes second to quality of product or experience. If you don’t focus on quality first, your digital reputation will suffer.
  • The smaller you are, the easier you’re able to curate the customer journey. Never lose this ability as you grow. When you grow, ensure your staff grows in proportion to the way you cater to your customers.
  • There is still a place for print materials. As long as you are environmentally responsible with how you handle your resources, travelers like to have something physical to use as a guide.

Recent data supports these observations. As the pandemic unfolded in 2020, 160.7 million people participated in at least one outdoor activity, the industry’s association reported. That’s a jump of 7.1 million people, or roughly 2%. Hiking, biking, fishing and camping provided the gateway as the four most popular activities.

It also stands to reason that customers care less about social media than most market segments. Customers are increasingly looking for a real, authentic experience that connects them with nature. This is why you’ll see brands like Patagonia seeking social causes to connect with their customers rather than worry about their Tiktok content. “We have customers that are advocates for us, and that works for us. We’d much rather have them than have a massive following on social media,” said Justin Shipp from Site Seven.

When it comes to size and a brand's ability to scale, it is important to keep that high-touch, authentic experience for customers. Many make the mistake of growing and not scaling proportionally to serve their customers. Instead, they simply increase supply. While Rock Creek Outfitters has seen a lot of success from social media, they make sure to never compromise their personal interactions. “We do our best to be warm and welcoming. We interact with everyone on a personal level,” shared Amber Carver, the Marketing Manager with Rock Creek.

The Bottom Line

Never lose focus on why you are serving the outdoor industry. Be good stewards of the environment, create and sell good products, treat your customers well and be consistent with your social media, and digital campaigns. Customers will sense when you are disingenuous about your why.

For more insights that we gathered, download our Outdoor Industry Prospectus. For more information about how Triptych can create your totally awesome outdoor interactive initiative, click here.