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Helping A Local Powerhouse

The Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga has been a staple of the community for a long time now. So it was an honor when they asked us to develop, design and execute multiple areas of their website. We helped develop pieces of the new Account Management system and feature sections like a brand new blog.

EPB wanted a space to discuss their work in the local community, share product deep dives, and get a little bit technical from time to time. To make it happen, EPB put out a call for a partner who could carry out their vision, stay on brand, and flex a little creative muscle.

We answered that call. As with any project, we conducted our initial discovery and strategy sessions with EPB to make sure we knew exactly what they had envisioned. One our teams were aligned, we began work on sketches and wireframes, shown below:

Once we felt good about the strategy, UX, sketches and wireframes, we applied final design that prioritized:
* User-engagement by balancing intuitive, fun and informative UX
* Creating authority with a platform that showcases tech innovation
* Beautiful and versatile illustrations that align with brand guidelines
* Moments of delightfully subtle interaction that don't distract

Our design team produced numerous sketches some of which turned into illustrations, some of which we hope to produce in the future. With a team of amazing illustrators, it stands to reason that these turned out stunning.

While the blog is still in development, we will be working with the EPB team to develop additional elements of the website, refine the overall customer experience and continue to help them engage Chattanooga. We're excited for our work with EPB because not only are they a leader in innovation, they're also a part of the community we love.

Kudos to the folks on our team who executed the Strategy, UX, UI and Illustration—Emily, CGI, and Patrick.