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Prospectus: Credit Unions

We asked four credit unions across three states for their marketing secret sauce and thoughts on the future of the industry. Download the prospectus for free insights, no strings attached.

What You’ll Get

If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you know how hard it is to get the scoop from your peers and competitors. They guard their industry secrets like grandmas guard their family recipes. Okay, maybe not quite—but sort of. In keeping with Triptych’s collaborative spirit, we reached out to our current credit union partners as well as a few other institutions across the country for their best marketing tactics. Thanks to Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, Whitefish Credit Union, Verve A Credit Union, and Fortera Credit Union for participating.

The first of many, our monthly industry prospectuses were born out of the desire to provide clients and industry professionals with insider wisdom. We wanted to know what trends are significant to their strategies, what makes their campaigns successful, and what marketing tools and resources make their efforts easier, among other questions. 

We compiled their answers into simple and actionable key takeaways. The report also includes their full answers on interactive marketing initiatives, tools, success stories and insights. Compare notes with your competitors (turned collaborators) to strengthen your current marketing efforts with things like:

  • Website initiatives
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media insights
  • Analytics tools

Common Insights

Without spoiling the whole prospectus, here are a few key common insights across multiple surveys:

  1. Create a brand ambassador, like a character or persona, to help creatively communicate messaging and marketing.
  2. Always associate a campaign’s success to ROI. Positive response does not always translate to positive results.
  3. Consolidate your reporting to the fewest possible dashboards. Result-tracking and future campaigns depend on it.
  4. Engage members and promote offerings by making banking approachable, digestible, and fun. 

For the full consensus on the most relevant, up-to-date marketing trends in the credit union industry, download our findings below. Interested in planning a digital campaign? Let us know— hello@triptych.co

Download Prospectus