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It Takes An Innovator to Know One

A market leader in IoT solutions for forward-thinking Industry 4.0 clients, Synapse Wireless helps companies better understand and optimize their facility’s energy consumption.

Whether warehouse space, sporting arenas, and manufacturing facilities, Synapse offers a unique and transparent custom solution to fit their client’s needs. Birmingham, Alabama based, Synapse's innovative solutions help pioneer the way companies like Komatsu, Uline, and McWayne steward the environment and optimize production. 

Faced with the challenge of an existing low-traffic website and irregular-at-best outbound communications, Triptych faced the prospect of re-imagining their entire web presence from the ground up. Before beginning production, an in-depth understanding of IoT lighting mesh networks and energy management systems (EMS) was needed. But as we began our strategic assessment, the real challenge was to know not simply what they were, but rather, where they were headed.

A few key aspects of the website include: 

  • An interactive Scroll section with exploded 3D views;
  • A Craft CMS that enables the Synapse team to have granular and autonomous control of everything on their site, including their detailed product inventory;
  • Ties to their CRM in order to maximize incoming leads;
  • And some stellar custom 3D animations.

This project came to fruition under the watchful eye of Synapse’s Marketing Team, led by Susan Phillips. Partners with the determination to execute on a vision are crucial in ensuring that goals are accomplished, a virtue that the Synapse Wireless team has in spades.

Further kudos to the Triptych team who played central roles in executing the strategy, design, development, and content - Nathan, C. Eliott, Daniel, Mario, Dustin, Anne, Emily, CGI, and Patrick.