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What’s Beyond The Fiber Internet? Quantum.

While we’ve known all along Chattanooga is the perfect home for our business, it’s cool to see why, affirmed over and over again.

It was announced recently that our local electric and internet utility, EPB, is launching a quantum network in partnership with Qubitekk. The EPB Quantum Network℠ will be the nation’s first commercially available quantum-enabled network, giving Chattanooga government, businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and researchers unparalleled access to quantum encryption. 

In essence, EPB’s latest advancement means that little ol’ Chattanooga will offer broad access to a virtually unhackable, lightning fast network specifically designed for the secure development of next-gen internet applications.

How does a quantum network work?

Quantum networks are built upon the same fiber optic infrastructure that carries our traditional data. The difference is that a quantum network uses the principles of quantum physics to transfer data in a variable state called superimposition.

This process allows data, which in classical computing models is broken down into "bits"—or ones and zeros, to be transferred as "qubits"—a quantum data system that can be, curiously, one and zero at the same time and only computationally useful when measured. Meaning that quantum networks can be used to send and receive information that natively lives in an incomprehensible, and (without the correct key) unhackable, state.

Practically speaking, that means that quantum networks use encryption methods that are so secure, not even the most powerful computers can break them. This makes quantum networks ideal for highly sensitive data like financial information and medical records. 

What does a quantum network mean for Chattanooga?

The EPB Quantum Network℠ puts Chattanooga at the forefront of bringing quantum technologies to market. Former United States Senator Bob Corker put it this way, “EPB Quantum Network is a critical resource for lowering the barriers to entry for private companies, so we can move quantum technologies into real-world application.”

Real-world applications like data transfers without cybersecurity threats, the acceleration of new quantum projects (think: quantum computing, AI, machine learning), and safer medical treatment. The network is flexible and can be used for multiple configurations, making it attractive to all kinds of businesses which means new investment, new jobs, and new tech.

Why are we excited about this?

Besides the cool sci-fi element, we're excited because we built EPB’s landing page announcing the breakthrough. 

Our team was asked to design and build a landing page capable of visually conveying the weight of EPB’s technical heroics while not confusing the average visitor. The delivery was a quick turnaround, and a tough challenge, but we were pretty hype on how it turned out.