Triptych creative collaboration in our conference room

Through the looking glass

Much like the three panels of a triptych converge to tell a single narrative, so do the strategy, design, and development teams at Triptych. Together, we synchronize our individual efforts to collectively sculpt innovative and cohesive experiences.

Triptych Strategy


Spreading the good news of anti-fragility

Triptych's Strategy team dives headfirst into the murky depths of each client's needs, navigating the harrowing psychosocial waters of modern business to emerge with solutions that defy even the most convoluted dilemmas.

Triptych Design


This vehicle may stop mid-sentence if insp…ir…e…d

Triptych's design team specializes in offering ten thousand lateral solutions to each client's "impossible" problem. They craft visually striking solutions that not only advance our client's goals but surprise and delight their customers.

Triptych Development


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Triptych's development team thrives where others are unable to deliver. Leveraging a huge cache of engineering knowledge, they specialize in tailoring bespoke solutions for almost any unique need.

A Triptych fireside chat at a company retreat - 2023

Trusted by innovative brands

Triptych has been privileged to partner with remarkable clients. If you know some of them, you understand the caliber of work we do.

Abbott Laboratories Employee CU
American Bicycle Group
Astec Inc
Atlantic Re:think
The Buntin Group
Chalmers Center
Creative Discovery Museum
Department of Energy
EMJ Construction
First Things
Fortera Credit Union
Freight Waves
Giordano's Pizza
Google Inc
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
H&K Architects
Jamestown Properties
Lipscomb University
Listerhill Credit Union
Maclellan Foundation

Mueller Company
Praxis Labs
Ringgold Telephone Company
Synapse Wireless
United Way of Chattanooga
Widows Harvest Ministries
Wind River Built
Partners For Christian Media

by industry experts

While the recognition our work receives honors Triptych, our achievement is measured by the realization of our client's goals. We aim to never lose sight of the fact that any industry acclaim earned is a direct byproduct of a healthy client partnership.