Powering EPB's Interactive Leap

Triptych played a vital role in spearheading EPB's digital metamorphosis, from pioneering e-commerce solutions to the unveiling of state-of-the-art Quantum Network landing pages.

EPB Partnership
EPB of Chattanooga
Strategy, 3D, UX / UI Design, and Front / Back-End Development
Increased user engagements and a successful product launch

Streamlined service selection

Triptych undertook a strategic overhaul of EPB's service selection interface. Recognizing the crucial role of user experience in e-commerce, our approach was comprehensive. We began by delving into customer behavior analytics to grasp the needs and pain points of EPB's service area.

With a range of high-speed internet packages, including the groundbreaking 25 gig service, internet-based phone solutions, and diverse cable packages, our challenge was to simplify the selection process, allowing visitors to "kick the tires." We devised a strategy to guide customers through the decision-making process, ensuring each user could find and select their ideal service with zero friction.

This strategy, coupled with UX/UI design and execution, pulled double by facilitating smoother transactions and echoing EPB's dedication to customer satisfaction and digital innovation.

Designing for the quantum age

For the EPB Quantum Network launch site, Triptych built a landing page befitting the magnitude of the occasion. As visitors navigate the site, they are greeted by a celestial display — stars in the night sky dynamically respond to mouse movements, immersing users in the quantum realm. A central pulsing line accompanies the user's scroll, symbolizing the forward momentum of quantum advancements.

We also had the opportunity to build a landing page for EPB's celebration of World Quantum Day. The page highlights the convergence of education and innovation with 3D illustrations and a live counter tallying pledges to introduce quantum topics in the classroom. The Triptych-designed logo encapsulates the spirit of the event in a visually striking and meaningful form.

Together, these landing pages prove our knack for fusing design with storytelling and functionality with imagination. They invite each visitor, old and young, to participate in — and shape —the quantum era.

Empowering solar choices

In a world where renewable energy choices hold increasing significance, our design for EPB's "Solar Decision Tree" pioneers an intuitive and educational digital expedition. Anchored by an engaging landing page, we curated a sequence of interactive questions guiding users towards well-informed decisions about adopting solar energy for their homes.

The heart of the experience is a dynamic 3D globe: a symbolic representation of the worldwide impact of individual energy choices. The globe responds and evolves, mirroring users' progress through the decision tree.

The culmination of the journey ends with a decision to join EPB's Solar Share program, facilitating immediate action on their solar energy interests. Our design ensures users not only receive personalized advice but also immerse themselves in a visual and interactive narrative with each scroll.

Enhancing community connections

Harnessing EPB's brand, Triptych reimagined their digital storytelling platform. By infusing the blog with vibrant color combinations and dynamic background elements, we ensure that each visit feels like a fresh experience. Our design choices — bold color pairings, interactive features, and custom illustrations — reflect EPB's dedication to community and innovation.

The UI was not simply tailored to reflect EPB's brand guidelines, it was designed to elevate them. Interactive elements beckon readers into stories of community initiatives and technological insights, while the layout maximizes readability. Through these designs, we crafted for EPB a central hub, a nexus for networking advice, local events, and technology discussions.

Our collaboration with one of Chattanooga's most well-known organizations has been a transformative journey, melding innovation with design across diverse digital platforms. Our comprehensive approach spanned strategy, user experience, and interactive design, resulting in a suite of digital assets that mirror EPB's commitment to excellence and empower their customers to make easy, informed choices. Each project was carefully executed to affirm EPB's vision of cutting-edge services.