A Fresh
Take for an All-Star Credit Union

Crafting the digital architecture on several projects for an established financial institution poses its own set of challenges. For Listerhill, we traversed the intricate balance between functional, marketing, education, and customer recruitment goals while considering the evolving needs of a secure and reliable infrastructure.

Listerhill Site Redesign
Listerhill Credit Union
Strategy, 3D, UX / UI Design, and Front / Back-End Development
Best in Show / Website from the Credit Unions of North America


Listerhill Credit Union has a reputation for serving the local community in Florence, Alabama in ways that exceed expectations. All of the time.

Our directive was two-pronged: to design and engineer a new website that upheld their spotless local reputation while also resonating with a broader, younger, and more diverse audience.

The results speak for themselves but we’re thankful to have partnered with one of the most remarkable marketing teams ever. Together, we crafted an experience that blended Listerhill’s defining local touch with appeal to a wider community audience.

Leveling up financial smarts

College is a crucible of new experiences that profoundly shape students' financial habits. In an effort to empower North Alabama University students to make informed money decisions, we crafted an immersive financial literacy game.

The game guides players through simulated college scenarios where choices affect their budgets. It incorporates fun gaming elements like a coin-collecting challenge and matching game between story chapters.

Upon completion, students receive personalized spending and saving feedback. This system categorizes them into saver types and recommends relevant Listerhill products tailored to assist in managing their finances during and after college. The edu-taining experience equips students with real-world financial skills.

Play the game
Mobile view of the Main Street intro UI
Mobile view of the Main Street 3D view intro
Mobile view of the Main Street customized add experience
Mobile view of the Main Street ad description

The financial literacy game stands as an engaging platform for students to acquire crucial personal finance skills through simulated decision-making. The experience serves as a key tool, arming the next generation of Listerhill members with the knowledge to confidently navigate and manage their finances during and after college.

Credit union redefined

We elevated Listerhill’s digital presence to match their reputation. Through immersive design and development, we breathed new life into their website and created an engaging financial learning experience.

The website redesign unified the brand into a vibrant, member-focused experience. Interactive elements were strategically employed to portray their products as intuitive and meaningful tools.

In parallel, the custom financial literacy game educates the next generation of members with real-world money skills. Both solutions reinforce Listerhill’s commitment to financial wellbeing.