Microsoft City In The Cloud created by Triptych

Building the city of the future

Triptych partnered with The Atlantic and Microsoft to craft an immersive, interactive vision of an urban future powered by the Microsoft Cloud. We executed an engaging 3D digital cityscape with integrated content showcasing a connected urban experience.

Cloud City
Microsoft and Atlantic Re:Think
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Featured on the Microsoft Azure home page to showcase a city connected by Microsoft cloud technology

Visualizing the power of the cloud

Microsoft wanted to showcase how their cloud technologies could integrate and improve critical infrastructure and services within cities. To bring this vision to life, they tapped The Atlantic and Triptych to craft an interactive world.

We conceived an immersive, 3D digital cityscape that users could explore. The city would visually demonstrate how Microsoft's cloud solutions can connect and enhance law enforcement, healthcare, education, transportation, utilities, and more. By designing specific city districts and animating their integration, we could showcase a tangible, engaging vision of an urban future powered by the cloud.

Beautiful 3D environment planned and built by Triptych for Microsoft
Microsoft City in the Cloud Homepage

To showcase scalability, we developed two 3D cities - a large metro like Manhattan and a mid-size city like Austin. Building two digital urban landscapes let us demonstrate cloud tech powering systems and services across a range of city scales and needs.

Large scale 3D environment built from scratch by Triptych for Microsoft

Crafting an intuitive user experience

The 3D city environments provided the immersive backdrop, but the UI would guide the user journey. We designed a seamless interface to make exploring the connected cities intuitive.

Clean, minimalist iconography represented each district and system, unifying the experience visually. The icons adapted for both desktop and mobile to optimize engagement across devices. Intuitive navigation kept key site functions accessible as users dove into experiencing different city sections. The UI design facilitated easy exploration, conveying utility and approachability.

Custom location based icon set for Microsoft

To demonstrate integration, we created animations like a helicopter taking off from a hospital, a school receiving notifications, a metro train arriving on time, law enforcement being alerted about a crime, and city officials getting citizen input. The vivid motion graphics let users clearly see how cloud technologies could seamlessly connect urban operations and infrastructure.

Connected transportation helps keep things moving
Law enforcement receives realtime alerts to provide immediate assistance
A connected school providing realtime information to parents
Healthcare resources deployed instantly and as needed
3D City Blocks created for the Microsoft Smart City

Bringing an urban future to life

Through an ambitious collaboration, Triptych, The Atlantic, and Microsoft delivered an exciting vision of smart, connected cities. Our interactive 3D digital cityscapes immersed users in an urban environment enhanced by Microsoft's integrated cloud technologies.

We crafted an expansive world, guided experience, that — coupled with The Atlantic's compelling content — allowed Microsoft to effectively demonstrate their cloud solutions' potential in powering the infrastructure and systems that will shape tomorrow's cities.