Matching the genius of IoT tech

With global competitors threatening the LED space, the lighting division of Panasonic Lighting Americas needed to stake its claim in the burgeoning landscape. Universal relied on us to take their decades of commercial lighting manufacturing experience and engineer creative solutions for a new website.

Site redesign with custom interactive
Panasonic Lighting Americas, Universal Lighting Technologies
Strategy, 3D, UX / UI Design, and Front / Back-End Development
$2.5m in new sales directly from the website in the first 3 months

More than just lighting

Universal's connected lighting solutions unlock powerful IoT capabilities that go far beyond traditional illumination. Their hardware enables advanced features like data collection, real-time analytics, and energy savings through Bluetooth integration. These smart lighting products open up new possibilities for customers compared to standard lighting options. To showcase their state-of-the-art offerings, Universal needed an equally robust digital experience.

Capturing Universal's audience

Bringing Universal's technology to life for customers was key to the project's success. Their target audiences needed to clearly see how IoT-enabled lighting solutions could be integrated into their specific environments, whether office buildings, warehouses or hospitals. Our expertise in interactive 3D enabled us to vividly showcase Universal's products in customized real-world contexts. This engaging spatial visualization was pivotal for driving customer understanding and conversions.

In the world of connected lighting, quality and service set industry leaders apart. Though IoT-enabled LED solutions have become ubiquitous, Universal stands out for their superior products and end-to-end customer support. Our goal was to effectively communicate Universal's competitive edge to their target audience. The new website achieved impressive results — a 300% traffic spike within the first 3 months post-launch and record revenue from new sales. By showcasing Universal's unique strengths, we helped them connect with customers and drive business growth.