Rendering craft and luxury

When a modular housing leader reached out for directions to showcase their neighborhood developments, we charted them a roadmap to an interactive world of home possibilities.

Interactive map
Wind River Built
strategy, design, 3D, UI/UX, development

Mapping possibilities

Wind River Built, a modular home builder, wanted to create an interactive map to showcase the different types of communities and developments they can build for various clients including developers, architects, realtors, and designers. The goal was to draw in prospective audiences, inspire them with a vision of what's possible, and motivate them to start the process with Wind River Built.

Triptych was brought on to build a high-fidelity 3D interactive map experience for the Wind River website, allowing visitors to visualize the breadth of the company's capabilities.

Navigating tricky terrain

The Triptych team faced some technical challenges in bringing Wind River Built's interactive map vision to life. Developing highly detailed 3D community models and implementing smooth zooming between map layers required complex engineering. Capturing the full scope of their work in a realistic, accurate way was also crucial. On the design side, creating intuitive interactive markers that clearly communicated granular area details posed difficulties.

Bringing this highly visual map to life required solving complex visual and technical challenges and lots of iteration. Crafting information hierarchies for intuitive navigation between map layers posed difficulties as the interface needed to provide just enough detail without overwhelming users. Optimizing performance was crucial to maintain snappy response times when panning and zooming across map areas. The team worked diligently to strike the ideal balance between visual polish and speed. Despite the hurdles, Triptych's careful planning and rigorous execution ultimately enabled a compelling, seamless user experience that brought Wind River Built's vision to digital reality.

Creating the Wind River Built interactive map required significant design iteration. We explored numerous options for site layout, 3D textures, lighting, camera angles, UI elements, microinteractions, and more. Our team worked closely with the client to refine assets and navigation through multiple rounds of review and feedback.

Early map interface exploration.
Early map interface exploration.

Like coming home

Triptych created a visually stunning primary map for the Wind River site, featuring a sweeping landscape showcasing the variety of structure types Wind River builds. The interactive map points serve multiple purposes, allowing users to drill down to explore specific neighborhoods comprised of several building types, link to site plan diagrams, and enter immersive 3D photodome environments to view house models up close.

The map includes multiple zoom levels and segments for each development type Wind River specializes in. Intuitive navigation allows users to easily jump between segments or back to the main map.

Through compelling visuals and multifunctional interactivity, the map brings Wind River's capabilities to life. Prospects can clearly envision the potential and are empowered to start a conversation. This innovative digital experience successfully achieves Wind River's goals for the project.

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